Title:Fat Burning - Separating Myth From Fact
Category:Fitness Health
Description:Place the kettlebell on the floor slightly in front of the body. Feet should be slightly more than a shoulderwidth apart. Turn the toes outward just slightly. Bend the knees and squat to grab a hold of the kettlebell with both hands. Slowly stand up with your upperbuttock muscles tightened and place all your weight on your heels. The back needs to be straight with your chest up for your body to be in the proper position. Elbows bent at this point with the kettlebell in front of your chest. Then, slowly reverse the movements to place the kettlebell back onto the floor. Perform 3 sets of 10 reps of this exercise. This is an ideal exercise for any kettlebell workout as it works your glutes, back and hamstrings.
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